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Skills Training in
Earth-Based Judaism

Derech HaAretz ("Way of the Earth") offers next-level  instruction in
Jewish Spirituality • Wilderness Skills • Ancestral Arts
as well as teacher-training, consulting, and personal mentoring to help you cultivate a direct personal experience of the Divine in the Living World — and share your gifts with others.

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Deepen Your

Adventures in Integrated Learning

Spirit & Religion
Embodied study and practice drawing on Jewish written, oral / indigenous Hebraic traditions, and received wisdom from our own lives, lineages, and communities


Tikkun Olam ("world repair")
Social and environmental justice work, with an emphasis on acting in solidarity with Indigenous peoples everywhere


Wilderness Survival & Nature Connection
Outdoor skills rooted in Hebraic perspectives, including: Bird language and midrash (lore), Shelter building, Wildcrafting, Harvesting halachot (practices), Tracking, Praying with Fire, etc.


Ancestral Arts
Cultural wisdom for living in harmony with nature and each other: Storytelling, Sheep-herding, Peacemaking, Cooking, Crafting (weaving, ritual objects, etc.) and other legacies


WildJews! Outdoor Living Project
Week- to year-long laboratories for developing communities of practice living by the Hebrew indigenous calendar

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Pat C. - Finding Our Prophetic Voices

This day of connecting with the Earth was a day of finding relevant meaning in my Judaism. I am very grateful to have spent this time with Maggid Jonathan and Derech HaAretz.

Reuven G. - Bird Language & JudAism

Every time I visit the little park behind the Saraya [Zefat community center], I remember the day you taught us to listen to and understand the birds! Thank you for that enlightening afternoon.

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