Maggid Jonathan in survival shelter

Maggid-Chaplain Jonathan Furst

Founder and Head of School

Maggid Jonathan delights in sharing the spiritual and outdoors practices which transformed his relationship to the Wild Divine and continues to bring daily joy and meaning to his life.  A nature-connection mentor and teacher-trainer for more than 20 years, Jonathan also serves as the Northern California Board of Rabbis' Bay Area Jewish Chaplain and as Maggid (story-carrier/preacher) for Keneset HaLev-Community of the Heart.

Jonathan trained in wilderness survival and nature-connection mentoring with Lynx Vilden, Jon Young, April Cotte (z''l) and Tom Brown, Jr.  His mentors in Judaic studies and ritual arts include Maggid Jhos Singer, Antero Alli (z''l), Starhawk, Rabbi Jonathan Seidel and Rabbi Amashé Etz Alon.  He received Clinical Pastoral Education training as an Interfaith Chaplain Resident at Sutter-California Pacific Medical Center and holds undergraduate degrees in Plant Sciences, Molecular Biology and East Asian Studies.

Jonathan is the former Education Director of the Jewish Partisan Educational Foundation, a founding co-steward of the JeWitch Collective, a teacher in the Reclaiming tradition of spiritual activism and a former (but aspiring to once again be) part-time shepherd.

Starhawk with wisteria leaves in background


Instructor / Advisor

Starhawk is an internationally renowned author, activist, and permaculture trainer.  She is a pioneer in the revival of Earth-based spirituality and G!ddess religion, including modern feminist Judaism and ancient Hebraic practice.

She directs Earth Activist Training, teaching permaculture design and regenerative land management grounded in spirit, with a focus on nature connection, organizing and activism.

Starhawk is the author or coauthor of thirteen books including the classic The Spiral Dance, as well as The Earth Path, The Empowerment Manual: A Guide for Collaborative Groups, and The Fifth Sacred Thing.  She also cofounded the international Reclaiming community of magic and activism.

Rabbi Jonathan Seidel in forest

Rabbi Jonathan Seidel

Instructor / Advisor

Rabbi Jonathan has been devoted to Earth-based Judaism and environmental justice since the 1970s and is an active member of Truah: the Rabbinic Call for Human Rights.  He serves as Rabbi and Rosh haYeshiva for the Aquarian Minyan, as well as Rabbi for Or haGan in Eugene, Oregon. He is also the current Chair/President of the Oregon Board of Rabbis.

Jonathan was ordained as a Rabbi by ALEPH, the Alliance for Jewish Renewal. He was a Fulbright-Hayes scholar at Cambridge University and received his PhD in Near Eastern Studies at UC Berkeley.  He is the co-editor of Magic and Divination in the Ancient World and has taught Religion and Judaic Studies at more than ten colleges and universities, including UC Berkeley, Stanford, and the University of Oregon.

Rabbi Amashé Etz Alon outside in tallis - 2020

Rabbi Amashé Etz Alon

Instructor / Advisor

A lifelong teacher of Earth-centered, indigenous Hebraic practice and Jewish ancestral arts, Rabbi Amashé also has many years of experience as a holistic land manager and outdoor educator.  They are a kabbalist, clergy/maggidic mentor, and Intersex and Transgender rights activist.

Amashé is a lineage holder in the RavMagus tradition, a wisdom line of Hebraic culture and shamanic practice, which their family traces back to King David and pre-Temple times.  Amashé has spent their life immersed in the study of authentic spirituality that is rooted in ancient wisdom and is accessible for today's people.  They received s'micha (ordination) from Rabbis Zalman Schachter-Shalomi (z''l) and Gershon Winkler, among others.